24 Wonderful Quotes With Beautiful Pictures

24 Wonderful Quotes With Beautiful Pictures

1. You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.

2. You don’t want to look like your heroes, you want to see like your heroes.


How To Get More Twitter Followers

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get more followers

There is no silver bullet to getting more followers on Twitter. If there was one, everyone would do it. Actually, scratch that. The surefire way to amass a ton of followers on Twitter is to already be famous offline. When a celebrity joins Twitter, instantly they gain followers by the thousands. If you are reading this however, you are probably not a celebrity and therefore you do not get the benefit of instantaneous followers on twitter.…

How To Get More Retweets and Favorites on Twitter

how to get retweets and favorites on twitter

Twitter is an incredible platform for the independent publisher or creator.  Whether you are a blogger that creates awesome content for your readers, or an aspiring guitar player in an upcoming band, the potential for Twitter to help you and your work get noticed is matched by no other platform in history.

Never before have the barriers to entry been so low.  With nothing more than an email address, and a pulse – you can be up and publishing on Twitter in mere minutes.  …

Welcome To The Cuilr Blog

cuilr-logoWelcome to the official blog of cuilr.com, where you’ll find various helpful tips, tricks, and other news about what’s happening in the world of Twitter and other assorted topics in Business, Marketing, Technology, and Internet News.  We’re excited to get this blog off the ground, both to help our clients, as well as to have a platform to announce important milestones, and discuss important web related news that we may all be able to benefit from.  …