How To Get More Twitter Followers

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There is no silver bullet to getting more followers on Twitter. If there was one, everyone would do it. Actually, scratch that. The surefire way to amass a ton of followers on Twitter is to already be famous offline. When a celebrity joins Twitter, instantly they gain followers by the thousands. If you are reading this however, you are probably not a celebrity and therefore you do not get the benefit of instantaneous followers on twitter. So what is your typical blogger, artist, or creative type supposed to do? Thankfully, you’re in luck. There are many things that you can do to increase the likelihood that people will want to follow you on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of those things in this article today.

1. Promote Your Twitter Account Ethically

When you sign up for Twitter, you are agreeing to abide by the Twitter Terms of Service. These terms, like most terms of service are rather lengthy and lawyer like. Thankfully we can give you the cliff notes friendly version which is as simple as, “Don’t do anything stupid”. As to what is stupid, you will need to use your own common sense to figure that out. Don’t be a troll, Don’t harass other users, and most of all do not blindly follow hundreds of accounts only to unfollow them. This is what is called follower churn, and you will almost certainly be banned from Twitter, so don’t do that!
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2. Offer Tutorial and How To Type Content

People love to learn, and if you are good at providing tutorial and how to articles, you will have good luck on Twitter. The wonderful thing about this technique, is that it can work for literally any niche. Maybe you are a great cook, share some tutorials on how to create a fantastic chicken parm! On the other hand, perhaps you are a drummer. Make some cool video tutorial and share it on Twitter. Anything that can help people learn and enrich their creativity is going to be a net win for you to gain followers on Twitter. In short, add value.

Example Tutorial Tweet

3. Blog About Tweets

The popular blogging platforms today allow you to easily embed Tweets right into your blog post. WordPress is the most popular and easiest to use content management system, so consider this platform if you are not already using it. In WordPress, it is as easy as pasting the link to a given tweet in your blogpost and WordPress will take care of the rest. One influential blogger that makes great use of this technique is @rustybrick. If you follow Search Engine Optimization at his blog the SEO Round Table, you’ll note that rarely a day goes by without embedded tweets as part of is blogging content. This works for both your own Tweets, as well as others from significant players in your niche. Notice this recent post about a Google Mobile Algorithm test case which highlights some key players in the industry discussing this very topic on Twitter. Did you have a Tweet that went viral, or had a great engagement rate? Blog about that Tweet and give it even more reach.
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4. Guest Blog On Friends Blogs

If you are lucky enough to have made some connections with other bloggers that have some visibility, you can request to guest blog for them. It’s a win for them because you can provide some valuable content to their blog, and they can allow you to include a link to your Twitter profile. If you write a killer post that gets seen by a lot of people, chances are they are going to want more great content from you. What better way than to follow you?! Niel Patel is the master of this technique. Neil has created all kinds of companies and blogs including KISSmetrics, Stride, Crazy Egg, and Quicksprout. Check out this guest post at HubSpot with his Twitter Profile link listed right up at the top! Do as the Gurus do!
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5. Run A Contest

If you have a little money you can use, this technique is incredible. Surely you have seen examples of where a prominent blogger is gives away a new iPad, or some other valuable prize. In order to qualify to win the prize however, they ask people on Twitter to follow a series of steps. An example might be, “You can win this iPad by the end of this week, simply follow these steps to win! 1. Follow us on Twitter, 2. Retweet this Tweet about the contest to your followers, 3. Like this same Tweet. We will randomly select the winner at the end of the week!” During the ensuing hype, you will likely gain many followers.
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6. Advertise on Twitter

Twitter actually has a fantastic advertising platform for users to gain new followers. In fact, I would say that Twitter Advertising is far and away superior to the current king of Social Media Advertising which is Facebook. It makes sense to support Twitter if you would like to benefit from their platform.
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7. Advertise on Third Party Twitter Services

There are literally hundreds of third party applications, websites, and services that focus directly on the Twitter Ecosystem. Our platform is an example of such a service. We offer an ability for you to feature your account and place it above all others for move visibility. Many other services offer similar options. Consider third party promotion, in addition to your other growth techniques.
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8. Add Follow Buttons and Twitter Widgets

Twitter has some fantastic tools to make it super easy for other Twitter users to follow you right from your own blog or website. In addition to this, you can embed your Twitter Timeline right on your own site for even more promotion. This Twitter timely let’s your users catch up with the latest important information right from your website. In addition, each Tweet has your profile, along with an option to follow. More options to follow equals more Twitter followers!
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9. Host and Join Twitter Chats

Buffer wrote an awesome 101 guide to making Twitter Chats work for you. So just what is a Twitter Chat. This where the organizer chooses a specific topic and assigns a hashtag to it. Anyone that wants to join in on the chat can simply include the said hashtag in their tweets. These twitter chats end up working like a business networking event. In fact, Buffer refers to them as such.

Twitter chats are business networking events
– minus the dress code.

Example Twitter Chat Invitation

You can also make use of tools like Tweetchat, Nurph, Twchat, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Storify and more to further streamline your experience. Keep it polite, reply directly to questions, avoid selling during the chat, include the chat hashtag, and follow up with interesting participants after the chat.

10. Tweet About Current Events

Twitter really is the real time social network. In fact, one of the key features of Twitter is that of trending topics. It’s easy to see which topics are trending on Twitter, and to jump in and contribute. Discussing trending topics on Twitter is similar to a Twitter Chat. You make use of a specific hashtag of the trending topic that you would like to participate in. Where Twitter chats are focused and a bit more formal, Trending Topics are real time events happening on a much larger scale. Both have their place in helping you to make the most of your Twitter account.