How Do Twitter Moments Work?

How Do Twitter Moments Work

Moments are a fairly new feature to be added to the Twitter Platform. The intent of Moments, is to be able to offer to the user the best and most important things that are happening on Twitter in real time. Twitter processes a massive amount of Tweets from all over the world numbering in the hundreds of millions. Included in this incredible stream of information are some really cool things that are happening, like citizen news, live updates from sporting events, dialogue between celebrities and fans, as well as important cultural moments. This is the good news. The bad news is, is that these cool things are sometimes hard to find due to the sheer volume of Tweets that get sent everyday. Well, it used to be hard but now with Twitter Moments, it is as easy as ever to latch on to these important events on Twitter. Twitter Moments make it as easy to find the absolute best on Twitter, as it is to follow your favorite band.

When Alex Morgan scored a goal in 12 seconds, Twitter was ablaze with Tweets about that Moment. In too seeing Moments on Twitter, you can even embed a Twitter Moment right in WordPress. Check out his example Twitter Moment Embed right here.

So How Do Twitter Moments Work?

The first thing you’ll need to do to make use of Twitter Moments, is to actually navigate to that section of the Twitter Application. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like on Desktop. Mobile versions of Twitter work in a similar way.
twitter moments button



new york fashion week moment

Once on the Twitter Moments navigation pane, the user is presented with a list of currently happening moments, with Titles and Descriptions of what is happening. Does anything look interesting to you? Click on that Moment to drill down into more information. Although the Sasquatchewan Moment looks pretty interesting, it turns out that at the time of this writing, The New York Fashion Week is about to kick off and it is a Live event on Twitter Moments. Just like you can follow an account on Twitter, you can also follow a Moment. Let’s check out The New York Fashion Week Moment and give it a follow.  When you follow a Moment, you will then be “subscribed” so to speak to that Moment.  As great new Tweets and breaking news about a Moment become available, it will be updated automatically by Twitter.  In addition to this, as relevant Tweets about the Moment you follow will get inserted into your home timeline for you to view as long as the Moment lasts.  Any Tweets in your Timeline that are a part of the Moment, will have the Moments icon next to them which looks like a little lightning bolt.  Once the Moment is finished, you will no longer see Tweets about that Moment in your timeline.  This is actually a great feature.  Sometimes you want to follow a specific trend, news event, or other time sensitive topic – yet it would not make sense to follow an account permanently for this.  Twitter Moments solves this problem.

How To Embed a Twitter Moment

Let’s get a little more practice with embedding a Twitter Moment. In this screenshot, you can see where you will need to click to get a link or embed code of the Twitter Moment.
how to embed a moment

You will be provided with a handy http link like so!
moment embed link

In our case on WordPress, we have the official Twitter Plugin installed which enhances the ability of WordPress to embed Twitter Tweets, Follow Buttons, and now Twitter Moments. All we have to do is paste the above url into our WordPress post, and voila! Take a look!

If you’re like me, you’re beginning to see the value of Twitter Moments. In addition to all of the above mentioned functionality we have looked into so far, you can also share a moment. Let’s see how.

First, you will need to click on Share This Moment

share a moment

Second, a Tweet box will appear, and you can click Tweetnotice the moments icon!

tweet a moment

Third, you can take a look at what the Moment looks like in your timeline. Pretty cool!

moment in your timeline

How Are Twitter Moments Calculated?

According to Twitter, Moments are the result of a lot of work by their dedicated team of curators. These folks are the ones that are responsible for finding the most cutting edge things that are happening on Twitter to be included in the Moments section. In addition to the internal curation team, there may be Twitter Moments that are a contribution from a third party partner. Some of these third party partners include The Washington Post, Vogue, The New York Times, NASA, Major League Baseball, Mashable, Getty Images, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Buzzfeed, and many more. Twitter is always adding partners, so you will need to check to be sure of what is current. Twitter Moments make a great platform to showcase the creative storytelling and life surprises of our age.

Twitter Moments are not Facebook Moments

Facebook used the term Moments to describe their initiative to collect, sort, track, and data-mine all of your pictures. Twitter Moments are a collection of Tweets as we have seen. It’s an approach that works really well, but since it is relatively new to Twitter, it may take some time to see how it all plays out on a larger scale and if Moments will help Twitter to appeal to an even wider audience than it already has.

Twitter Moments Can Also Be Evergreen

One last thing we’ll mention about Twitter Moments, is that although it seems like a “Live” service only, it turns out that a Twitter Moment can also be Evergreen in nature. Evergreen is something that is said to be useful over a long period of time. Many bloggers like to focus on Evergreen content in an effort to maximize the total useful lifespan of various posts. One example of an Evergreen Moment assembled by Twitter is the “Catch a Wave” Moment, which is a very nice collection of pictures and videos about Surfing. This almost reminds us of Collections on Google Plus, or a dedicated topic board on Pinterest. Moments can be used to tell stories over many weeks or even months, not just one day phenomenons. Let’s see that example of the Catch a Wave Moment, because it really is pretty cool.

What Moments Does For You

Twitter Moments give Tweets themselves a longer shelf life. Instead of Tweets simply passing through your timeline buried in a sea of jokes, memes, and random Vines – Moments assembles these useful Tweets into a unified space you can consume in an easy way. You can also access that Moment later. Not only that, Moments offer a way for users to dip their toes into the firehose with a more manageable approach. If you’re watching the latest Episode of Blacklist, or Shades of Blue for example, you could follow the moment around those two things. You’ll then get all the best tweets about the content you love right into your Timeline. If you were to follow a specific Football game for example, you might get Tweets about both teams, the players, the NFL, and even the broadcasters.

Twitter Moments On Mobile

mobile moments
As we can see above, Moments looks great in the mobile app. It looks almost like a Flipboard style magazine or news application with featured content and other lists you may find interesting. Images and Video stretch full screen style, with optimizations for the video that mobile users might capture at live events. In this case, that means things are vertical in the layout.

Moments helps you to quickly get the gist of what’s happening. You don’t need to read a million different tweets to figure out what’s going on, just give a quick glance of the Moments area of the app – and you will get the thirty thousand foot view of what you need to know. People want to be able to open up Twitter, and understand really quickly what the heck everyone is talking about, and why. Overall, we think Moments is a great new addtion to the Twitter Experience.