10 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Blog With Twitter

10 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Blog With Twitter

You may be a very talented blogger, but if you’re just starting out – how does anyone find the great content you create? All bloggers would like to drive more traffic to their blogs, and one of the key ways is to make use of Twitter to help you accomplish this goal. Getting traffic to your blog is as essential to your success as creating that fantastic content in the first place. So how are you going to push yourself even further? Did you know that Twitter now has over 500 million active users and counting? That is a large potential audience you can reach! By Tweeting about your blog, you are increasing the reach you have to the readers that matter most to you.

Enter Twitter

By making use of Twitter in a positive way, you can and will drive a large amount of traffic to your most important articles. It’s going to take a bit of creativity and persistence however. If you just continually Tweet out a title with a link, you may not get very far. It takes a creative marketing mindset to engage an audience when you’re Tweeting about your blog. Take the opportunity to cross promote your blog on Twitter. Tweeting about your blog can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with your consumer. With over 500 million users, you can find lots of new readers through tweeting too.

1. Know Your Target Audience

know your targetWhen you Tweet about your blog, are you focusing in on the hot buttons of your readers? Make an effort to understand the wants and needs of the people you are trying to reach. Make an effort to tailor your message to those who have the highest chance of benefiting from your content.



2. Short Provocative Tweets Work

Short Provocative Tweets WorkAs you know, Twitter interacts with the world in 140 characters or less. To make a compelling message in this short space can be a challenge. If you’re going to Tweet a link to a blog post of yours, be creative in your approach. Try really hard to pack a punch in a terse phrase. Many times, this means you will not actually Tweet the title of your blog post, but a creative and irresistible call to action with a few short words.



3. Embed Featured Images

Embed Featured ImagesYour blog post should have at the very minimum, one compelling image that related to the content you are discussing. When you Tweet about this blog post, you can include a picture, infographic, or other visual data as an attachment. Take advantage of this opportunity to stoke your potential reader’s curiosity.



4. Use a Compelling Quote From the Blog Post

Compelling QuoteCircling back to our first tip, which will sometimes have you Tweeting about an article not using its actual title is the idea of using an interesting quote from the article as the call to action in the Tweet that you send out. Maybe you have a blog post titled, “23 Ways To Enjoy Summer Vacation”. You could have as a call to action something like, “Don’t you absolutely love summer vacation? Click here to read more…”



5. Tweet About a Featured Column

ColumnYou could write a featured column that appears on a regular schedule that really resonates with your core audience. The key here is consistency, and creating a desire for readers to return to find the content that they have come to expect.




6. Feature Statistics in Your Tweet

StatisticsStatistics act as a measure of proof that validate the message you are about to convey. A great example of this is an article such as “10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know”.  Now, aren’t you curious what this is all about? Statistics have a way of triggering the natural curiosity factor in all of us. It makes you want to click to learn more. Use this to your advantage!



7. Prepare Your Blog For Twitter

TwitterTwitter has many tools that allow you to embed Twitter features right into your blog. At a minimum, you must include Twitter sharing buttons on your blog. Think about it, if you get visitors from Twitter, and they like your article, if there are Twitter share buttons right in front of them – aren’t the chances higher that they will share your article right then and there with their own followers? Make those share buttons highly visible! In addition to sharing buttons, you should ask your visitors to follow you on Twitter, along with providing a follow button right on your blog. These are pretty easy to set up, usually it just amounts to pasting in some HTML Twitter provides to you into your blog.


8. Apply Hashtags To Your Tweets!

hashtagHashtags are a miracle of marketing. They are the key that allows you to unlock a gateway to your audience, even when you don’t have a large follower base yet. As you may or may not know, a hashtag is a means for a large audience to engage in discussion about a common topic. For example, if you would like to reach people that like cooking, you might have a blog post to Tweet such as “5 Great Recipes For Chicken Stir Fry”. When you Tweet your article, you can include the hashtag #cooking. There are people looking for information on Twitter via Hashtags, much the same way people type questions into a search engine. As a best practice, use only one or two hashtags per Tweet you send. Littering your Tweet with too many hashtags just looks like spam.


9. Tweet Blog Posts Multiple Times

multiplyTwitter is a fantastic platform, however it is very much a “real time” environment. If you Tweet at the wrong time, it is very easy to miss a portion of the people you are trying to reach. To overcome this, many bloggers will actually Tweet each new blog post up to three or four times per day. You may have fans in many different time zones. If you want to Tweet a new post four times in a day, break a 24 hour period into 4 even chunks. You would then send your Tweet once every 6 hours for example. Of course, you can’t be in front of Twitter at all hours of the day so make use of a scheduling tool like Buffer or some other tool to help you schedule Tweets.


10. Make use of Mentions

mentionMentions are another new paradigm that Twitter first introduced. You can include a fellow Twitter user’s screen name in a tweet, and they will be notified when you send your Tweet. Mentions make it possible for you to send a Tweet directly to a follower, client, fan, or anyone else on Twitter for that matter. One way to use a Mention is if your blog post talks about a well-known person or company in your demographic. If you blog about sports, and you write a blog post about the great coverage that ESPN provided on a recent game – you could mention them in your Tweet about that game. For example, “5 Takeaways From The Wizards Game We Watched on @espn”. They will likely appreciate the mention, and just might Retweet it to their own followers. If they have millions of followers, and you have 250, that one Retweet could put your blog on the map!


Bonus: Take Part In Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are an advanced usage of the concept of Hashtags. Usually, a group of people in the same niche will arrange to talk about a specific topic, on a specific day, at a specific timeframe and make use of a hashtag to bring everyone in on the same conversation. #BlogChat is a popular Twitter chat you can leverage, as well as many more.

By cross-promoting your blog posts on Twitter, you can greatly increase the visibility you blog gets. You may also find that it gives you new ideas to Blog and Tweet about. It’s a win win!